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Rick Rankin - Ex RN & RCN


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It is with regret that I must pass on news that Rick Rankin an ex "diesel-weasel" in both the RN and RCN today lost his battle with lung cancer.

I know from Polycell that Rick was the 'Wrecker' on Otter in the late 70s, early 80s and they reportedly had many a mean run ashore together. Rick subsequently moved to Canada and worked on the Upholders before joining AECL at Chalk River (he joined the nuclear crowd eventually) where he took great delight in using navalese at every possible opportunity.

If there is anyone who knew Rick who wants any further details, please let me know and I will try my best.



War Hero
Thanks Flagwagger
Knew Rick very well and his wife Angie. Nice bloke and good run ashore.
He was called the boy on Otter because of his youthful outlook to life I guess.
My thoughts are with Angie and his Children


Lantern Swinger
I've just seen this and I am so sad. We were neighbours years ago; before he defected. I last saw Rick when I stayed with him and Angie and the kids Stella and David in Lower Sackville more than 20 years back when I was there on Sealion. I nearly defected myself after that visit.

My heart goes out to those left behind

6 down and RIP shippers

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