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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by teaswet, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Any one heard yet bout this years annual p*SS up/Richards Trophy at God's Wierd Raliegh, cause i've heard it could well be the last one in the OLD format. Seems if it goes ahead next year it will be much more SPO orientated. :threaten:
  2. All I know is we won't be putting a team in. Yet another event that clashes with something already organised. Any chance next year it can be in September, maybe to coincide with the Seamanship Symposium.
  3. I don`t think my unit will be fielding a team either. I went last year thinking it was a seamanship competion! Silly me. Carrying ping pong balls with sticks and the like was a joke and not quite what I had in mind when I joined. I understand that my unit actually lost to a unit who had more points from these party games, than the seamanship tasks. Added to that the powers that be seem to be able to plan all the valid training events at the same time which result in half of them getting cancelled ..... perhaps its a a way of halving the training budget?
  4. I personally havent heard of the Richards Trophy, anyone care to elaborate what happens on this week end, as so far it sounds good to me.

  5. Dickie,
    The Richards Trophy is a competition between the RNR units. It takes place over a weekend and enables the teams to go to harbour lights and get completely pissed and pull fat birds (or blokes if you are a wren or that way inclined) It also invloves kebab eating. For the real anchor faced ones there is also a seamanship competition which involves about 8 - 10 different stances for example, lowering and recovering a seaboat, winch work, bends and hitches, throwing a heaving line, RASing etc There is also a pull on the sunday which is basically a rowing boat race. Lately it has become a bit watered down and other GSSR things have been brought in attracting certain individuals who quite frankly just pissed me off last year. The weekend should be a good training opportunity but I think until there is a clear understanding of where GSSR and seamanship are in relation to each other, it will continue to be watered down and will turn into party games. Sorry, rant over. It does have the possibility of being a cracking weekend, it should I think just be a seamanship competition; after all - you don`t see anyone throwing heaving lines down the range as Bisley.
  6. Ah but this year should be better prior preperation is the key...have I been brushing up on my bends and hitches..NO!...have I been taking BR67 to bed with me...NO...I have however been practising my ping pong ball balancing, beanie baby throwing and a bit of drill with bamboo point anyone else turning up really....the trophies in the bag!!!!

    Oh by the way Ive heard a rumour that the falling plate competition at Bisley will be changed apparently the first 50 metres to the firing point will be an egg and spoon race... :salut: !!
  7. Bring your own egg, pay as you dine won't allow us to get them out of the galley.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Aaaah, the seamanship equivalent of the Duffy Trophy - once a meaningful communications competition, now little more than an emasculated comms quiz!
  9. Competed for by "emasculated communicators"?
  10. Can somebody remind me. Wasn't the Richards Trophy originally one of the three Regional Communications competitions? It then became 3rd prize in the Duffy Trophy and was the cause of much embarrassment to its winnner as it is a horricular painting? Maybe it is an appropriate award for the "RNR 3-legged egg-n-spoon sack race with a couple of bends-n-hitches thrown in to make it seem anchor-faced" competition?
  11. no, the richards trophy is a silver trophy in the shape of an MSF, (mineswepers for those that dont know what an MSF is ) and was competed for by units during squadron excercises each year.

    Not sure what the painting your on about was called, but your right, it is horrendous
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Ropey Trophy?

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