Richards Trophy..!!

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WarMonger, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Richards trophy is looming.....wonder how many Rum Rats will be there..??
  2. Just remind me what Richards Trophey is again......... :?
  3. RNR Seamanship competition..!!
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Is that where you all put on silly green uniforms and go around carrying SA80s?
  5. Ahhh

    Not one I'm likely to be in then. Oh well good luck to all RR entrants I will be keeping my shepshanks crossed for you
  6. I feckin well hope not although I can see it moving that way...should be lots of running around in 4's, proper working rig...not this green bollocks!!
  7. And pretend to know how to tie knots (sorry, bends & hitches)
  8. Speak for yourself...some of us dont have to pretend!..will you be attending ??
  9. No, I doubt I know enough seamanship to be honest.
  10. Thats the bonus the less you know the better..the compo is worked on a handicap basis so the more novice your team the better!

    Its great fun watching the SR's taking charge and f**king it right up...great!!!
  11. where is it held??
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    These two bits look mutually exclusive to me! :) :)
  13. FM...Seamanship school at Raleigh..good days compo followed by a jolly down to Torpoint and the Lights!
  14. I might join you all for Torpoint and the Lights!!....but watching a bunch of dabbers tying themselves in knots.....doesn't really float my boat!
  15. Won't be there this year so please let us know how it goes.

    Hopefully tales of how good it is and less of interference from "on me" et al.

    When is it anyway?
  16. 15 - 17 September.....ooHH getting excited!!
  17. From all the traffic on this thread, it looks like me and warmonger are the only real matelots on this feckin' site!!

    C'mon boys & girls, ridicule it if you want, but seamanship is bread and butter stuff. It's no wonder that certain individuals in the RN have such a low opinion of the RNR, if the majority of us don't even know how to launch a seaboat, tie a heaving line onto a hawser, or even throw a heaving line etc. Sailors that don't know, nay, don't WANT to know seamanship. I'm disgusted. Correct me if I'm wrong, but when a pussers grey is RASing, or anchoring, or berthing it's not just seamen specs on the upper deck....... there ain't enough!!!

    I feel decidedly unloved now so, I'm gonna sulk in the corner........ :cry:

    I'll be there - Harbour lights....wahhaaayy!! Gotta be worth going just for that little pilgrimage!! :D
  18. They were still called knots until 1982 when John Nott p*ssed off the navy so much they officially renamed them bends and 'itches...
  19. So, out of interest, do it just test your basic seamanship skills or does it also test if you know how to, say, read a chart properly, use tide tables or know the Rules of the Road? Do you know your lights and shapes? If you encounter a N Cardinal buoy whilst afloat, what action do you take?

    Or doesn't is cover essentials like that? Mind you they're only really essentials if you're into yachting and the experienced crew are either all seasick or pissed as pussers. :lol:


    PS: I learned most of my seamanship theory in the MVS and the practical on weekends and weeks afloat courtesy of the Marine Society. :lol:
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Bollocks! Could you communicate using flags or flashing light? Do you understand the intricacies of standard distance or manouvering interval (could you spell it even?), do you know the rules for automatic change of the guide, could you determine when and how to set watch on maritime communications circuits, both military and civil? Well I could!

    I think you'll find its called banter actually.

    Agreed, but only to seamen - there are other specialisations in the RN and RNR that don't rely on having an intimate aquaintance with bits of string or chipping hammers!

    As a comms rate I actually have a high degree of respect for the dabbers' skills, however they are not the be-all and end-all of sea-going skills. Each branch has its own unique skills, all of which are required in some measure to get a pussers grey to work - as a comms rate I'd expect to be familiar with being in a sea-boat, not necessarily launching it. Similarly on berthing I leave heaving heaving lines to the experts, but I have done it in the past, as well as ship-driving (badly), sweep deck work, basic acquaint on the Bofors 40/60 and chipping and painting too.

    At the end of the day I'm a comms rate and that's my area of expertise - I wouldn't expect you to be keen about the Duffy Trophy, don't expect me to enthuse about the Richards Trophy. And ..... just because I'm a buntosaurus doesn't mean I'm not a matelot too!


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