Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospital

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by geoffrey, Sep 21, 2006.

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    Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    A little harsh - he actually comes over as a genuine person in real life. I was lucky enough to attend a Top Gear filming session at Dunsfold a few years back; all three of the presenters (Clarkson, Hamster + May) came over really well and were not at all the sort of "up-their-own-arse-self-important" luvvy type of person that is frequently found in the media. The piss-taking between the presenters continued off-air in between the filming of the various segments and was of a slightly more salty nature than is fit for broadcast! JC & RH were at one point explaining that the relationship between the programme and the BBC high-ups could at times be strained - at a meeting where the topics of speed cameras and North Wales Police were aired, the programme presenters description of the Chief Constable of N Wales Police as a "C*nt" raised more than a few eyebrows!

    Get well soon Hamster and keep away from Stingrays!
  2. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Good luck to him and a speedy recovery.

    May he speed across our screens soon
  3. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Top Gear will be much the worse if this stops the Hamster from returning and I'd bet that Messrs Clarkson and May would agree. From one shortarse to another - get well soon, Richard.

    What about sending him lots of get-well-soon toothpaste?
  4. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    He doesn't need that - he has orthodontist treatment.

    Perhaps a 'get well' visit from Jez and May would boost his recovery :wink:
  5. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Hope he gets well soon. I'm more familiar with him from Sky Ones Brainiac.

    However, when you're a boy racer all your life you have to accept that one day you may come a cropper. As with Steve Irwin p***ing crocs off, in some ways it's not really unexpected is it.......

    Hope he pulls through it though - he does come across as a really nice, genuine guy on the telly.
  6. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Hate to say it but don't these things usually come in threes?

  7. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Looks like he has some major brain damage.i just hope that he makes a full recovery,i doubt it somehow but fingers crossed.
  8. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Just Rassed this from Sky News Website:

    Hamster Takes First Steps
    Updated: 10:32, Saturday September 23, 2006

    Doctors say TV presenter Richard Hammond is making satisfactory progress following his high-speed car crash.
    According to his fellow Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, he has taken his first steps in hospital since the accident.
    Mr. Hammond's wife Mindy says he is on his way back to health and has thanked the public for their support and good wishes.
    The 36-year-old is in a stable condition at Leeds General Infirmary where friends and family have been keeping a bedside vigil following Wednesday's accident at Elvington airfield, near York.
    His wife told the Daily Mirror: "He's spoken and smiled. It's early days and what has happened hasn't really sunk in for him.
    "But he's starting to look like Richard again. He's tough as hell and on his way back."
    She added: "The whole family is overwhelmed by everyone's support. There have been so many flowers, cards and emails from around the world."
    Clarkson, a Sun columnist, said in the newspaper: "In the wee small hours of Thursday night, just 30 hours after what is almost certainly the world's fastest ever car crash, Richard Hammond suddenly sat up in bed opened his eyes and asked what had happened."
    A hospital spokesman said: "He continues to make good progress. If this continues then he will be moved from the high dependency unit to a general medical ward at some point in the next few days."
    Hammond was seriously injured when the 370mph jet-powered Vampire dragster he was driving at speeds up to 300mph veered off the runway, flipped over several times and crashed on to the grass.
    He was airlifted to hospital.
    Police and Health and Safety Executive investigations are continuing to establish exactly what went wrong in the incident which happened during filming for the BBC2 motoring show.
    The hospital said Hammond suffered a "significant brain injury". Earlier a spokesman added: "Doctors say Richard Hammond is making satisfactory progress."
  9. Re: Richard "Top Gear" Hammond Critical in Hospita

    Apparently he has been walking to the heads and back,if so then its looking good for him,just hope theres no residual problems like epilepsy.Get well Hammy!

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