RFCC Summer 2008?

Hi all, my first post on Rum Ration!
Can anyone tell me the RFCC dates for 2008? I was due to be going down 25th April - 9th May, but that clashes with my finals. A lad from my unit has a mate at Tyne, he says they are on their RFCC in June/July.
Does anyone know if there is a course at this time?
Ive asked the PSI to find out, but Im gunna get info myself, just in case!
Otherwise, Im going to have to wait until October, which will be a bummer, as I should have been on it last December, but couldnt due to an injury i picked up.
Any info greatly appreciated.

There is a course some time in June/July which they're going for. Don't know the exact dates but it begins late June as far as I'm aware.
WB, RFCC is the Reserve Forces Commando Course.

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