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RFCC 06....good to go?


There are a few brave souls who are en route to the land of the puzzle palace, heartbrake lane, courses for Tarzan's and miles a plenty(30 to be exact!) If you are one of the poor (brave) members of civpop who are starting to get sleepless nights. Then let us who have either done it in the past, or are thinking of doing it in the future an insight how Charlie Tango Charlie is producing men who wear the "Green" are achieving it!
Oh and good luck......some of you may well need it!!!!


Dont get injured, dig out blind on ALL the tests, work hard in the field, don't be jack, be in the right rig, at the right place, at the right time, listen to the training team they are trying to get you Green Berets and most important.....ENJOY IT!!!!! I DID!!!!!!!


Lantern Swinger

Myself and 6 others from RMR Scotland will be there. Any last minute tips you can give us before we go would be most appreciated.
Drop me a PM, if you can think of any last minute bits and pices we should buy or any extra tips for the tests.




Not much in the way of kit tips, pusser will provide! However on the is dig out...dig out....dig out!!! You'll be ok, just dont get injured, and remember you do not want to have to go down there again...believe me! And remember Kiwi ENJOY IT!!!


Lantern Swinger

Nah not mean and Green quite yet(Touch Wood). We are all really looking forward to it, and hopefully it will be the first and last time for all of us.

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