DarrenBrewster said:
deckgadget said:
I'm going to second this thread. There's plenty of information on how to study for the AIB, but how different is the RFA version?
I think its the same process but the final interview will consist of a RFA representative.

Are you due for your AIB?
I've passed the psychometric test at the careers office, the letter from the office said I was on the waiting list but I've not been given a date yet.

I've heard something similar about the RFAIB as well, basically the same as the RN but one of the interviewing officers is RFA. I've been going through the exercises that where sent out and there's some good advice on here on how to prepare in general, I was just wondering how RFA specific the board is.
It's the same as the RN, the questions are the same, I'm RFA and was asked all sorts from how many marines can you carry on LCVP's to type of weapon systems type 23's have... took me by surprise, I've been wiping D/A's for the past 20 years, types of radar???, go to Maritime Books, they flog a book for £7.95ish that has the basics in it, including what each helicopter squadron main tasking is and what the helicopters do etc. It's not specific to the RFA.

the bleep test is the same, and you get marked and points for everything so if you do poorly in one area get to level 100 in the bleep test and you'll be commodore by the end of the week.

the RFA currently have a 40% pass rate, so they do take it seriously. there will be one RFA officer on the board, the other two will be RN/RM.

Have you been to the Toys out the pram forum, loads on there about RFAAIB check out loki's posts, he's switched on about it all.

I found that the pack they sent me was way off the mark, the actual AIB questions were harder. a week before the AIB read the papers and swat up on politics because you'll have to write an essay and express all sides of the story, you have to pick a topic they give you.
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