Apologies if this has been covered but having spent 3 hours trawling through the (very useful) 50-odd pages in the other AIB thread I am still none the wiser... maybe a thread of it's own for RFAIB's would be considered okay? I hope so.

Anyway, if I may, could anyone shed a little light on what differences there are, if there are any, between the regular RN AIB and the RFAIB.

I ask as I have hit a brick wall with my RFAIB preparations, in particular relation to the RN knowledge/service section/questions. Just how much is an RFA candidate expected to know about the Royal Navy. Do they tailor the questions to suit RFA applicants at all do you know? Or are we, RFA folk, expected to sit regular RN AIB and just be done with it?

The list of example questions I'm working from, taken from the extensive AIB thread on here, includes beauties such as.. what is the range of a Side Winder missile?.. and, what engine is fitted to a Type 22 Frigate..?! Surely a RTO L/S (supply) applicant isn't required to know all this?! (Or are we.... :-/ I sincerely hope not, as I literally do not know where to begin).

Any info most welcome.

Many thanks



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The service knowledge section is indeed tailored towards the RFA. Basically, you'll get questions in a similar format to the usual questions in the regular AIB, but switched to focus on the RFA. For example, "Show me on this map where the RFA is currently deployed"... "OK, that place you just pointed to. What RFA ships are deployed there, and what are they doing"..."Can you identify this RFA ship"(From a photograph).."Thankyou, and what helicopters can it carry?"

Apart from that, you will need a little bit of knowledge about the RN but not as much as the actual RN candidates. Basically, if you can identify the different classes of warships from a phot and give a brief description of what they're for you'll be fine (eg. That's a Type 42, it provides Air Defence for a task force... That's an LPD, it sends a bunch of chaps in rather fetching green hats ashore to kick doors in etc.)

You'll also need to know about the training periods and locations, and how you can expect your career to progress (eg. "If you complete training and become a Third Officer, what will your duties be during a Replenishment at Sea", "What would your ultimate goal within the service be? And how long would you expct to take to achieve that?")

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask... I went through RFAIB last year and am not far off my joining date now (so it can't be all that hard!)
Lamri said:
Aye, thanks for that. That thread contains very little information at all though. It's not the most active of discussion forums so that's why I've asked here.

Hopefully TheRowan can shed a little light




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Depending how far you are into the RFA selection process & providing you have passed the Recruiting Test,
the RFA should be able to provide advice regarding RFA AIB revision. The generic leadership aspects are identical, it's the service knowledge, as indicated by Rowan, that differs.
Aye, I'm already in the RFA as a rating. Without pouring scorn on the RFA it depends on who you speak to as to what information they provide, so many conflicts of opinion (re: RFAIB) it's hard to know what to believe.

As you say, the leadership/interview/planning exercises are idential, but it would be useful for an list of example service knowledge questions specifically for the RFAIB.

I understand this isn't an RFA 'forum', but with potential candidates coming here for advice I don't think it'd be a bad idea to keep this thread for any information and so on.

In the meantime I'm e-mailing and phoning various people shore-side, and any information I get will be pasted in here.




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Good call.

It would indeed be handy if we were given a little more published advice to offer prospective RFA candidates at AFCO's rather than just the glossy branch fact sheets. I'll make this a link in FAQ's once we have more substance/content for RFA AIB candidates.
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