Hello i was just wondering what the psychometric test is like for the RFA engineering apprenticeship, is it hard and what percentage of marks will i need to actually pass it.. also are all psychometric tests different when you choose different roles in the RFA


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Hello i was just wondering what the psychometric test is like for the RFA engineering apprenticeship, is it hard....?
The psychometric tests, like any subject, test, exam, mental or physical undertaking are what they are. The variable (from which the degree of difficulty is derived ) is the attributes of the individual.
The psychometric test is the standard RN recruit test and is the same for all people taking the test at that time, often including RM, RN and RFA candidates.
Required standards vary for different roles, so for example you won't need to score as much as an officer candidate. You won't actually be told your mark, just whether you've passed or failed.

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okay Thanks alot , I was just wondering if i was to scrub up on my mechanical work what would i revise on im not the best at mechanical at the moment hence why im doing the apprenticeship.. is there any spesific topics that will be on this, if so can you tell me please. Much appreiciated
GCSE level stuff tends to be useful; gear trains, pulleys, speed/distance/time and the like. A Google search should give you some guidance, as well as the sample test booklet you should have been sent from your AFCO/RFA recruitment. If you're going to buy anything don't buy any armed forces specific revision books; my experience is that they are crap to the extent that they sometimes actually contain wrong answers. A scam of the highest order. GCSE Bitesize should give you everything you need to know.

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ben12345 Bitesize certainly helped me out a lot.
Also get to your local library and get a book on psychometric tests. On the day it is a pen and paper affair so getting used to reading and writing from books certainly helps get you in the right mind frame. It also allows you to revisit tests and compare yourself against previous results. These two books certainly helped me pass for an officer cadet. They also give a little explanation on the topics.
The most important part is to get used to answering at speed, time yourself constantly.

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