RFA - watchkeeping and retirement


In the RFA which departments do watchkeeping - is it all departments except outside of engineering or is that just me. Also was wondering about the retirement age - was reading its from 55 onwards in the RN. Is it a similar age in the RFA?


Don't know about retirement, it's a way away for me.

Comms, engineering and deck are watchkeepers at sea.

As a CR1 (comms) and MM1 (engineering), you're pretty much guaranteed to be a watchkeeper at sea due to the size of the department.

Deck... depends on the bosun, what tickets you've got, if you're any good... and what the ship is up to. You can spend all of a trip on watch, none of it, half of it etc.


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Not all Engineers watch keep, System Engineers are day work.

Retirement age is 67 currently, it is not mandatory, it's just the age when you can collect your full pension without penalty. Technically you don't retire from government service now, you resign.

As an aside we also have recruited people new to the sea in their 60s. The RFA's only restriction it seems for new recruits is that they can actually do the job before they retire (willing to be corrected on this)

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