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I am 3/4 of the way through my application to join the RFA as a seaman apprentice and I would like know more about the 10 weeks training and what goes on eg routine, fitness (both tests or if I can go to the gym), classroom work, hands on work, parades and passing out


Rfa fitness tests? There aren't any, the gym is there for you to go if your that way inclined in your own time, as are other facilities, eg football pitches, badminton, swimming. Routine... turn to at 8am but make sure you avoid the morning pipes by getting there 5 minutes early. First week is introduction and site safety. Following 3 weeks is functional skills (maths,English,ict), if you pass a pre assessment you don't have to do them so you will do PowerPoint presentations instead. Then there is a lot of death by PowerPoint mixed in with some practical like splicing rope/wire, rigging bosun chair and stage, spend a week on the rig learning how to do a replenishment, a quick session how to steer the ship in a simulator, you'll strip down and rebuild a Derrick, learn parts of shackles, learn meanings of flags. Fridays are a quick lesson for people to go home at weekends if you choose, they usually check you have cleaned the dorm first but it's not an inspection like the Royal navy do, just make sure things are tidy. There is no parade, passing out. At the end an officer will give you a hand shake and certificate for passing phase 1.
Hope this helps.

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