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RFA Training


Have recently been invited to attend an interview for the role of engineering apprentice and was wondering if anyone knows, should i be succesful where the training takes place and how long it lasts etc. Just looking for a bit more info to take to the interview to guve me the best chance. Thanks


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Are you leaving it a bit late to ask for information you could search for yourself (on this site or out in the real world) rather than ask for it to be handed to you on a plate?



I have done quite a bit of research regarding most of what il need to know i just cant seem to find anything about the training in particular. And i was just seeing if anyone mentioned any info i had missed.


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Google would tell you too. Search for motorman 2 training not just engineering apprentice.

Ex 17 p+m

Will be a pleasure Going from working with the rfa, to working for the rfa. Spent a lot of time travelling with mounts bay/largs bay. I was a port operator and did 2 deployments to the Falkland islands. Met a few of you at mare harbour. Also sailed with the crew from my regiment to Haiti on a humanitarian mission in 2010, getting knee deep in mud off the mexe as we supplied a village cut off from starving.....Seen how you guys/girls had the easy life. ;) (tad bit jealous) so it spurred me on to join. "Can't beat email, join em"......anyone serving on the mounts bay/largs bay at the time? had engine problems so we had to switch vessel.
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