RFA to go on strike

Discussion in 'RFA' started by northern-matelot, May 6, 2015.

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  1. So, the RMT, union of the RFA, have decided on strike action in the face of changes due to be implimented to the RFA fleet. Apparently this is to make the MOD "value" the workfoce. Now I've served on 2 of their ships (Argus and Fort George) and even my "austeir" RN ratings accomadation put the officers accom on an HM warship to shame, their galley arrangements were basically that a fridge of meats and preserves were available for sandwiches aswell as cereals and yoghurts, was accessable 24/7, these guys get tax back if they spend 6 months of the year outside of UK waters and a number of other perks that would never get a look in the RN. I wonder how the MOD undervalues them and also what this means for ships deployed (ok I know we use the equivilent to RFA's of other nations, like the UNSN ships of the USA and such) deployed abroad?

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  2. Can any of the RFA bredren expand upon/explain what the issues are?
    I had a look at the grievances on RMT site and it just sounds like a drip sesh with no solution being offered othe than "Agree with us"

    Great timing with the work Argus has just been doing!!
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  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The RMT are not the union of the RFA. They are the union who represent some of the RFA, mostly ratings.

    Those officers who belong to a union are more likely to be represented by Nautilus and less likely to strike.

    An RFA strike is an odd thing and contrary to the BBC and other media organs, the RFA are not going on strike.
    Or not like a strike in the rest of the world.
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  4. Having know a few RFA personnel who where in unions, the majority of them take the fact they support the RN seriously. The vast majority said they would never strike if their ship was at sea with many saying they would never strike. Some however did say if the ship was alongside side in the UK then they would strike but would no impeded the ship sailing.
    Personally I think that is a very mature responsible attitude for those I knew to have had. I cannot speak for others though.
    Stand by for vast union strikes across all sectors regardless of how today's vote goes as all will want new deals under a new government, Labour of course will give unions whatever they want!
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  5. As I remember, the ratings can only strike while the ship's alongside. In 2000 when they were on strike, GREY ROVER was the FI tanker and only moored on the Single Point Mooring Buoy for the duration. Running a liberty boat service between there and East Cove was a pain in the a**e.
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  6. Hows your free dental, health, accommodation/married quarters and X factor perks doing? Accommodation on board is a legal stipulation.
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  7. Accommodation and MQ's aren't free...just saying :)
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  8. Right then let's get this straight. I take it you are all ex mate lots.you wouldn't have your plush accommodation, your bread jam or yogurts, cold meats if it wasn't for the trades unions. The RMT is the now the old NUS, so do you think the shipowners give you all that because they are caring employers ? No they had to be fought for by the unions. You have no idea what this dispute is about so keep you 22 year brainwashed views and ignorance to yourselves.Seadog talks nonsense RFA ratings went on strike over leave in 2000 also the pensions in 20011 and 20012 and have recently balloted for strike action as the ir union negotiators had this enforced on them without the unions agreement. Just cause you ex mate lots had to accept every shit idea that the navy throws at you don't give RMT members shit for something you lot have never had . I bet if you were employed by RFA you lot would scab it anyway. If you really knew what was happening you would agree.
  9. Would love to see your proof that we would scab it! Well, do spill the beans about what is happening! Or are you one of those attention whores by declaring knowledge that you insist on not telling?
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  10. Hey hey hey, the only thing I am is and ex ships company member of RFA's Argus and Fort George, I was just asking a gen question over what the Rfa are striking over and what this would mean for fleet operations.
    Instinct, I have my own place up north and as such try to spend as little time in barracks paying accom charges as possible and have private health care, but hey, the grass is always greener on the otherside!

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  11. If you tell us what is "really happening" you may find that you would have more support than you might think.

    Instead you have decided to come across in the manner of a goatfelching puddlelicker thus ensuring that no one will take your ramblings seriously!

    I'd genuinely like to hear what's happening to a group of seafarers that we rely on ever more heavily and I'm sure the majority of the Roger Nigel have the utmost respect for.

    PS- TVM to the trade unions for the cold meat and yogurts by the way

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  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I think I have been misunderstood and my connection to the RFA underestimated by beenseenbum.
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  13. Beenseenbum only joined the site yesterday, obviously, as previously stated, he's just an attention seeking loner whore. Probably tried to join the RFA but was turned down for being a dick!
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  14. I heard he was sent down below for the golden rivet. Still searching according to NAFFI flat dits.
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  15. Ha ha you really have no idea sticks and stones may break my bones but some of you are still losers. Found the golden rivet years ago at Dryad thanks. Labour got in did they
  16. I take it the RFA are striking for up to date newspapers to be delivered?
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  17. Northern matelot you seem to be the voice of reason amongst the rest of these including sea dog who has to be an ex RFA officer. RFA seafarers have had a whole lot of future development programme just imposed on them despite Legitimate and concrete union concerns I will tell you why at a later date as per the RFA spokespersons comment that the process is ongoing. Some comments like they are only having a drip sesh and just agree with us the unions only resort to strike ballots as a last resort no one wants to lose money. Some of the RFA members of the RMT will no doubt agree
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I'm not making judgements on the legitimacy of strike action or commenting on the grievances underpinning it, am I?

    One doesn't have to be an ex or Serving RFA officer to be wired into all things RFA. You may not have see it in your operating environment, but there are RFA officers on the naval staff at MoD Main, AW, FOST, NCHQ, JSCSC, UKMCC, training establishments. There are some serving at sea in HM Ships, PWOs & the occasional engineer. Then there are RN officers and ratings serving ( for in some cases years) in seagoing RFAs, particularly RFA Argus. I saw the 2011 (?) strike close up.
    No placards, no shouting, no braziers.
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  19. All I am saying is that some people are very ignorant of what the strike action is all about. I understand that some RFA personnel would have some of the RN terms and conditions. As they see what they get whilst embarked on RFA vessels, I understand life isn't sweet at RFA at the moment any RN personnel who are under the impression that it's a strike happy union that calls the shots is wrong. The members vote to go on strike and they are not going to give up pay for no reason. I really couldn't care about some comments made towards me above, however. Some service personnel have a view that RFA personnel will strike at the drop of a hat for some trivial reason. Drew fester does make me laugh though
  20. Maybe some people are ignorant of what the strike action is all about, I will admit to being one of them.
    Hence why I asked for someone in the RFA to provide some context in order that we may become more aware.

    If you could get the information across you would no doubt have more support than you anticipate. Give it a whirl, you may be surprised.

    Otherwise people will listen to the loudest voice, which would appear to be the RMT and form their opinion on that basis.

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