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RFA System Engineer (qualified) interview


What subjects do you recommend I revise for qualified SE interview? Many thanks in advance ....

Motor Theory. Radar Theory. Generation & Distribution. Make sure you can hornpipe before you go in, you will be expected to demostrate it during the interview.


Horn pipe haha!! I think the RFA have aligned their interview process (AIB) with the Royal Navy. Is this a good or bad thing?


Serious hat on now. What rank are you applying for and what's your technical/professional background?

As a generalisation I'd argue that you should be showcasing what knowledge and experience you'll be bringing to the table (from said background) as opposed to trying to learn new shit to impress. That's on the basis that if you do try to unnecessarily blag it and do a shit job at it, then you'll have hampered your own chances at a success.

As a qualified lateral entry applicant I was quite upfront about what I didn't know, right off the bat, and it didn't phase the Recruiter and Chief Off SE in the slightest. They should already have a fairly reasonable appreciation of your skillset anyway from your qualifications/commercial tickets.

@Random Any thoughts on the above?


Lantern Swinger
Horn pipe haha!! I think the RFA have aligned their interview process (AIB) with the Royal Navy. Is this a good or bad thing?

As much as I will get shit from my ship mates, actually a good thing.

While like FOST I think the AIB could do with improving, the basic concept is sound, assess people for their leadership potential, all else can be trained to a point where you can be useful.

I would also like to see more leadership and managerial training for LH, PO, 3/O & 2/O. This is to build on the potential identified. Given the different people, circumstances & legal frameworks the RFA operates in this should be a custom group of courses rather than a clone of the RNs.

As to what to learn for qualified interviews, I posted what I know elsewhere, its been a long time since I sat mine and I have yet to be roped in as an interviewer.
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