RFA Seaman Apprenticeship course outline


I've tried searching but can't seem to find a full breakdown of what actually happens during the 2 year apprenticeship, like how many deployments etc or what training consists of. Any information would be much appreciated.


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10 weeks at Raleigh, I've detailed that content twice on here so go search again. At the end of that uou get your MNTB task book that you have to get signed off over the next 12 months. Then it's a Week and a half sea survival at HMS Excellent in Portsmouth including firefighting, damage control, gas mask fitting and testing, security module etc.
Then you all (your course) go on your first 4 month deployment together with a mentor.
Then back to Raleigh for fir weeks phase 2 where you do boatwork and your EDH exam. Then 4 weeks leave then two of you join the same ship for another 4 month deployment.
You may get you tickets all signed off in that trip so you become an SG1 but that depends on your ships programme. Then another 4 weeks leave the join a ship for 4 months where you will hopefully be signed off competent and then into the 3 months off 4 months on routine.


Thanks for putting that out there again then. If you were to do just the apprenticeship and leave afterwards how long exactly does the course take in months?

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They told me that you would get a job after, the only reason they say it's not guaranteed is because if you're crap they can get rid of you. Or if something drastic happens with funding and they have to cut loads of staff.

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