RFA Seaman Apprentice

Hi Guys,

Apologies if this has already been asked before, I searched but couldnt find anything!

I had my SIFT interview for this role on Thursday, was just wondering the normal turn around times before I find out? I'm really impatient!

Does anyone have any inside information in regards to this role? Like how many posts they are recruiting for/how popular it is etc.

Thanks in advance!



I was in for interview on Wednesday. I believe they said we'd know in a week or two.

As for your other questions, looking around the forum, 'intakes' are about 12 people. And it's one or two a year.

Popularity... Well, we've done really well to even get this far! Sifted out from a cast of hundreds to get to this stage. Interview stage, I've heard they could be interviewing anything from 3-10 people per available position.


Tough to say. I was really well prepared, but feel like I didn't get to show that as much as I wanted. Nerves about wanting to do well.

Felt like I answered some questions really well... others... I wanted to go back through the gate 20 minutes later and answer again!

Trying to keep my mind off it as much as possible.
I felt exactly the same way! Some things I answer really well and somethings I think I could have done better. I found the interviewer (Kate?) fairly scary, but I suppose that's her job!

Good Luck, hope you get it :)
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