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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by AFC26, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. Afternoon People,

    Might sound a bit unadvised however i was wondering if anyone knew if you get certain benefits (ie Sea Pay) etc while away with the RFA ?
  2. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Allowances, extra monthly payments (e.g. for certain jobs onboard or location of ship itself) and pay structure are under review at present so what is applicable now may not be so if you are successful.
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  3. No. No sea pay. No extras. Your salary and dick all else. Like it or lump it lad. We got fucked on that score.

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  4. Everything we had as extras has been absorbed into salary(allegedly) with the exception of SSEP pay and Sponsored Reserve pay.
  5. It's a very popular move by hq. Everyone is happy about it.

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  6. You know everyone in the RFA? Stop assuming you know everything
  7. Stop whinging ya noncer. Don't know you for a start. Gobshite.

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  8. No need to stir up something out of nothing. Nobody else was outraged by his post.

    Personally I'm quite happy to hear about it.
  9. Well I know quite a fair few people who are not happy with it so when that idiot decides he thinks he knows everything then I will have my say. It is a forum after all
  10. Perhaps you shoulda just said that in the first place then.

    Why aren't they happy anyway?
  11. What you don't like the pay review?

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  12. Eightsixteen. It's all a massive upheaval pal. Our office can't get much right!

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  13. It was sarcasm you bellend. Do you think I'm happy having my pay fucked about with

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  14. Old people and change don't mix very well and they feel they are losing out.

    However the oggy knows everything
  15. Sarcasm. How clever are you
  16. Suspected that might be it, same in every workplace. Suits me though and I'd guess most new recruits will be happy with it too.
  17. I'm happy you're getting your pay fucked about with! You probably make extra on ship by bedhopping for cash.
  18. Who here is actually in the Rfa? BATMAN and ROBIN is the only normal one here.
  19. I am for starts. Suspect sevenseas is. Sounds like a steward or comms.

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  20. Typical deckie. Blame everything on comms or steward when hes the actual retard

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