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Did sea trials on Reliant in 84 former MV Astronamer fcuking rolled like a bitch hold was full of rats and a nightmare getting out of Cammel Lairds into the Mersey when everything went tite after getting out of dock into the river. Could'nt wait to get off the fcuker mess was ok though
Might be worth a punt in the three guestbooks 42??? RFA Association Branch Websites
Now Dilligence gulf 88 was a far better draft, own cabin, cheap beer didn't mind the brown hatters either met the missus in Dubai I think we did three days at sea in the 6 months I was onboard. We used to sail into the basin once a month so the skipper and his boys would qualify for their sea pay, and they were on a war bonus twice what we were paid and no tax to pay
kev w,,,rfa reliant Dec 1983-april 1984

I was on the Reliant as a young scallywag dec 83 to april 84..i was stationed at RNAS Culdrose at the time and was still doing my trade training as a AEM(M) (helicopters) on 706 sqdn..i applied for what i thought was a couple of weeks sea experience (ha ha ha) and it turned out to be a good adventure..i was 17 had no trade and when my killick found this out went mad! so then all i did was fix stuff in the hanger and even painted the union jack on the roof..Gib,crete( i was the one who kept the ship back when was late back from shore leave with a fella called "jimmy two feet?")...cyprus then off the coast of lebanon..i volunteered to go in to beirut and within a few hours was issued a sub machine gun and a flack jacket then flown in with several other guys! still got the pics i took with my disc camera!! we evacuated the embassy staff..flew the army out and just as im having fun a signal came through from FONAC saying "GET THAT MAN OUT OF THERE NOW!"..AIR LIFTED TO raf akritiria? hercules to UK..seaking to culdrose!..all the other lads got a gong on return and i got mine two years later at work..i think RN was embarrassed...i hope these words are of intrest to u,,take care and keep smiling!
Hello mate,I flew to Cyprus beginning of Jan 84 (846 NAS) and was on the Fearless for a week until the Reliant arrived. #
Any questions just give me a shout.
I stood by the astromoner in Camel Lairds Birkenhead for most of 83 I was dockyard liason. Could not get any work out of the dockyard unless you crossed their palms with food Bacon Sugar tea and coffee ect. The workmanship was sh.. Navy stole the ship literally from the dockyard after the commissioning ceremony skipper said we we were going out for compass swing and we legged it to Portland on the about the 20 Dec. On the way down we were told that we were no longer going to Falklands but to Lebanon. Portland FMG swamped the ship fixed it up of sorts and we sailed on the 28th 7 months of sunshine and and one of the best adhoc rugby teams I ever played with we never lost a game and the Army was so pissed off they gave us a fixture against the main Regiment on the island The Scots Guards and we stuffed them good and proper the success was very much due to the flight CPO and coach Paul Dunn RIP and a nice imput of players from the Blues and royals who we had withdrawn from Beruit. Most weekends in Cypres made up for having to spend 12 hrs a day and more repairing the Electrical system on board.
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