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Hello all.

Im thinking about joining the RFA. I have been out in civvie street now for 5 years and left the R.N in 2013. I had 13 years done before I banged my chit in and I left due to family commitments and was suck of drafty posting my Down South (4 times in 5 years).I starting to get itchie feet and miss the Andrew.

Can someone point me in tye right direction? Would I have to go back to Raleigh ir would I be able to keep my seniority?

I am a source branch comms rating and then a sea spec. My last draft was Fishery Protection so lots of experience in the PAC 22 as well at Tac-Comms and vusual signalling.

Thanks in advance.

Mo Mosely.


War Hero
Im thinking about joining the RFA.
You’re thinking about applying to join the RFA.

There are plenty of posts about ex RN going through the RFA application and recruitment process, some sucessfully, most starting at the bottom. You’ll find the posts in the RFA forum.
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