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RFA Recruitment Questions

Hi all. I am applying for a Logistics role with RFA, this looks like my absolute dream job. I have a few questions regarding recruitment.

1. Eye test - do I need perfect sight? I currently wear contact lenses.
2. What level of security clearance is needed? Do they need character references? No issues with nationality, residency, past jobs, I did go bankrupt following losing my company but am now discharged with no restrictions - i saw that wasnt an issue - is that correct?
3. I have had drug problems in the past but not any more - would that be a barrier to entry?

Many thanks in advance.

Also is having hayfever a bar to entry? I normally take antihistamines 6 months of the year. Howveer I have done this out of habit for many years so not sure how bad it would actually be now.
Also, I was self employed for a long time - do I simply give my accountant as a reference? It says needs to be someone in authority. He is the only person I can think of. I WAS the person in authority lol. My best client was Australian so presume I cant give her as a character reference - is that right?


These questions would be best aimed at an AFCO who would be better suited to help answer your questions.

Also top right of the screen is a search function and a lot of these more general questions may have already been answered so take a gander, best of luck.


Lantern Swinger
1) MCA Eyesight requirements (and other medical requirements) can be found < here >. Perfect eyesight is not a requirement for any branch. As a word of advice, have a backup set of spectacles with you at sea along with your contacts.

2) Security Check

3) It may affect you obtaining the above security clearance (but then again it may not, it will need to be declared in detail including any convictions), certainly there is zero tolerance of current drug use as a crown employee.

Security clearance is a funny thing, to get it you do not have to be purer than the driven snow, however the background you have should be such that no one can get you to spill secrets because of your finances or your habits (ie not easily blackmailed). I know some right deviants who hold high clearances, however they readily admit their activities (which also are legal) and so are not considered a problem. If unsure apply and find out, its the only surefire method.
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