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Discussion in 'RFA' started by willmacson985, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. On behalf of a friend of mine he is interested in joining the RFA as either a communications rating or catering assistant cook and wanted to know when the best time would be to apply for these roles for 2015.

    Any answers would be appreciated
  2. As far as I'm aware all roles as trainee ratings are now apprenticeships.

    The best time is when they are recruiting for these roles.
  3. Do apprenticeship receive the rfa yearly bouns, both officers and ratings?
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  4. If you mean do RFA apprentices get the RFA allowance of £3072, then the answer is no
  5. Is there a way of joining without being an apprentice?
  6. There are qualified roles as well, if you meet the entry requirements
  7. Like LSO?
  8. Yes like LSO
  9. Thanks for your help
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