RFA Ranks


I have my Sift interview coming up for a cadet marine engineer officer. I have been advised to look at the RFA ranks and the duties for each rank in the engineering department. I am struggling to find information on the RFA ranks but I have read information on merchant navy rankings, are they much and such the same as the RFA obviously apart from the weapons aspect. Also on merchant navy websites the ranks are cadet officer, third, second and cheif officers but on RFA Wikipedia there is also a first officer would that be the equivalent off the cheif engineer?

Any help would be much appreciated thanks.


Lantern Swinger
Ranks, roles and what they are called are different things. Some roles such as the Logistics Supply Officer can be done by a variety of ranks depending on the vessel.

A couple of examples, this information is out there, but not all of it is easy to find. The level of your knowledge on this at interview is an easy sign of how much research you did.

RoleAssociated RankBranchCommonly known as
Commanding OfficerCaptainDeck aka ExecutiveCaptain
Chief EngineerCaptainMarine EngineeringChief
Communications OfficerSecond OfficerCommunications Information SystemsSCO