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RFA Pay Scales


Hi all,

I'm just after a little bit of help please.

As someone who is keen to join the RFA I note that within the pay scales for each rank are different pay amounts within that rank whether you are currently at Point C, Point B or Point A.

Please could someone say whether you automatically move from C through to A. If so, what is the timescale on moving through these points. If not how is moving from C to A achieved.

Many thanks in advance
Good evening, the movement between bands is done on qualifications and experience.
It is not a time served system and advancement is carried out through having the correct qualifications at the correct rank and then being assessed using formal reports.
The minimum time scale in each band is currently 1 year, however you can only progress from band c to band b if there is a business need for another band b. So you may be ready for promotion but until a space is available you will not be promoted.
Hope that helps.

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