RFA ORANGELEAF - Crew/Ships articles Gulf War 90-91 Casualties. HELP


I am Ray Thaw, land lubber.

I served British Army 77-99. I am currently working on the Gulf War 90-91 Memorial Trust Appeal as Family Liaison. Try as I might I am stuck for information relating to RFA casualty MM1 Peter Harris. I read that his demise was whilst he was off-ship at Bahrain Airport, Christmas 1990.

We are unveiling a Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Feb 2016 and would dearly love to inform Family of our intentions to allow them to consider attendance. ANY help appreciated. I have tried RFA Assc, and all manner of suggestions. Last email was sent th Ian Boyle, on advice as he is the Head of the RMT.

Time is running out...........!!!!!


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I googled "Peter Harris" RFA and about 4th billing, after your requests.... Any use?


Sorry Seadog, this is an area where I have already visited on several occassions. I have also been in touch with Chris White who posted the details. Thanks anyways. If you do hear of anything.?????



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No disrespect to the subject but it appears that he died before the war started ( from the coalition's point of view). I read that he was off articles not merely ashore 'off ship' so he was either going home on leave ( possibly some local leave but who would want to) or sick/injured and going home / or local hospital for treatment and not expected back.

A UK citizen and ( unless he was a non contract rating) Crown Servant dying in Bahrain would come to the attention of the British Embassy. Try the FCO or the Embassy direct.


Thanks Seadog. As wse see it Peter is listed on the Official Gulf War 90-91 dead and appears on all relevant paperwork and indeed on the Memorial Stone in St Pauls and also the ones in Kuwait and USA. Who am I to argue what or what he wasnt doing at the time of his demise. Thank you for your input and I will continue to strive on. Where did you source your material?? Am i able to view Ships Articles and if so, how.
Additioanlly although the official dates for the War phase were 16 Jan - 28 Feb we know of others on the Memorial who died prior to that date. The names are also listed on the Main Wall at Alrewas.

On another subject, can you enlighten me as to the reason why Sir Galahad and RFA Orangeleaf do not appear on the RFA Memorial at Alrewas.


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Am i able to view Ships Articles and if so, how.
For what use they may be, crew agreements (Articles of Agreement) and crew lists are archived in various places. There is a guide here: http://www.lr.org/en/_images/213-35631_02-registry-of-shipping-and-seamen.pdf
The crew list for Orangeleaf (official number 386245) for 1989 appears to be available ( http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C6029943 ), but not 1990 or 1991.

RFA HQ and/or the Naval Historical Branch (contact details http://www.rmg.co.uk/researchers/li...guide-b3-the-royal-navy-sources-for-enquiries ) may have copies of some of the information you seek.


Thank you Megalopteron. I have contacted RFA HQ and spoken with the Chairman. Still no further down the line. It is like, and in the case of a couple of others , that there just is no available information being, willingly or unwittingly, withheld???? Just my thoughts. There were 47 deaths, I have contacted as many Assc and Units as I possibly can. I am still short on any kind of contact with 6 Families. If I ws to tell you that the majority of the information I have found myself with friends and devilment!!!!!!!!


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itzray4 again.
Further to any of my last...... I am in a position to inform you all that I have been able to reach the Families of 46 of the 47 listed War dead of the Gulf War 90-91. Guess who remains a mystery, yes, MM1 Peter J Harris. There appears to be absolutely no information anywhere that can help. Surley he was not the only person on that Ships crew of 1990. RFA Orangeleaf was, it appears to be after Peter left, the new Marie Celeste.

Please could you reach into your memories and try and help. It would be a shame if we could not get the information of the unveiling of the Gulf War 90-91 Memorial to any Family members of Peter.

For information, and it has been passed to RFA HQ the Service of dedication will take place at Alrewas on the 28th Feb 2016. All attendees are respectfully requested to be at the Memorial site by 1030 for a 1050 start. More info can be obtained from our website www.gulfwarmemorial.co.uk or our facebook pages Gulf War 90-91 Memorial trust Appeal.

Thank you.
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