RFA or Royal Navy? Help!


I am very stuck on what route to take as I see advantages and disadvantages for both, I am currently in my final year of high school and preferably don't want to go to sixth form.

The thing I am worried about with the RFA is that it is too civvy and I won't get the military career that I want there. Though the RFA Deck Officer cadetship looks very enjoyable.

but the issue with the Royal Navy is that I would have to do sixth form and maybe a degree to become an officer.

So I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering it would help me out a ton.

1) How militaristic is the RFA in day to day life?
2) Do RFA cadets do the 8 weeks at Dartmouth the same as royal navy officer cadets or are they treated differently?
3) onboard an RFA ship what is the usual amount of officers to ratings?
4) Is staying on at school for an extra 2 years worth the difference between RFA and Royal Navy.
5) Does life as an RFA Deck officer differ from being a Warfare officer in the Royal Navy?
6) Is the RFA Admiralty interview board different from the naval one?

The RFA looks like a very enjoyable career though I was just wondering how it would be different from a royal navy career?

I have a month before I can submit my application for the RFA.