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Why are the RFA "assistant" chefs paid higher (entry) than a regular chef in the RN?
I think my thought pattern is along the lines of why are civvys being paid more than dedicated, service personnel? And I mean this in a pure hearted way, I'm not poking at RFA or anything of the sort I'm just curious as to why they are paid more. :)

So to explain further into this, I am currently having an issue getting hold of paperwork needed for the AFCO so took the time to look further into careers within the Navy and RFA, I just noticed the RFA seem to have a sweeter deal but call me stupid, but I'd rather choose RN still. But I'm just curious why they seem to have a better deal



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The RN are now giving a higher FRI (Financial Retention Incentive) of £10K (up £5K from the last offer). There are also lots of new initiatives for the RN Chef to try and retain this under appreciated trade. @dapperdunn might be able to give you more info.
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