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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Will Salloway, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. I wonder if anybody could answer a few questions of mine about RFA officers.

    1) Are they addressed as Sir/Ma'am by people of ranks lower than themselves.

    2) Are they salutes by people of ranks lower than themselves.

    3) Are they given the opportunity to do courses such as: Staff college, All arms commando course, the upper yardman scheme, PWO course etc.

    4) Upon completion of training and the three years that follow, would RFA officers be able to transfer to RN surface fleet as commissioned officers.

    5) Do RFA OC's who are doing the HND but have OVER 150 UCAS points wear the diamond with the OC single line rank slides.

    Lot's of questions I know, would appreciate help in answering any of them.
    Thanking you muchly
  2. No
    Don't know
    Don't know

    3 out of 5 ain't bad!
  3. Thank you very much, any advance on 3.
  4. Your posting is really saying " I would dearly love to be an RN Occifer but cannot make the grade."
  5. Have you spoken to your AFCO as they will be able to help with your questions and why are you bothered about how you are addressed and if you are saluted?
  6. And i want the peasants below me to call me Sir and salute me!
  7. Having spent a while on all the Bays, I have always found the ChOffs to be really chilled out and helpful people. Especially Mounts in Med 2009.

    Some of the crew however were ******* weird.
  8. Found the same on the Gold Rover. The RFA has some proper weirdos kicking around but the big dipper was spot on.
  9. The Dillgence late 80s in the Gulf the feckers used to parade around in dresses, top dollar for scran though and the fridge in the dinning hall was always toppers with cheese and dare I say it cold meat. Loads of dosh for being in a war zone and no fcuking tax, we matelots were like paupers in comparison.
  10. Why would the MOD pay for a civilian to do an all arms commando course?
  11. Or fight their way out of a locked stewards mess.
  12. Yes.

    I very much doubt it.

    Do you even know what the UY scheme is?

  13. 1) Not by other RFA personnel. SJRM pretty much has it right.

    2) One finger or two? Not by other RFA personnel. FLAGOs 'encourages' marks of respect to/from RFA officers. A mildly contentious point.

    3) Yes, NAFAIK, duh (see TheCommunicator's answer), Yes.

    4) No. You owe a return of service to the RFA. How would it serve the RFAs interest for you to bugger off to play Navy? If you wanted to join the RN you would have to resign and start again, the training syllabi and qualifications are very different.

    5) Just ask the training officer.

    If you are this much of a pretentious twat when you turn up at your first ship, you won't last long.
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  14. All Arms Course RFA your shitting me right??
    My 3" Loading Crew on Dilligence were all RFA Stwds, fcuk uncosoleable if they broke a nail!! most of the feckers were so pathetic they couldn't lift the feckers into the launcher Fleet Standad Time for reload was never going to be achieved with that motley crew - thank fcuk my 20MM Gambo's were manned by AB Gunners.
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  15. Missed out the question F35 conversion course...
  16. Your right, I would like to be an RN officer, your also right that I didn't make the grade. That said, I now see that the RFA lifestyle is more suitable to what I want to get out of life.
  17. I was asking more so that I don't balls up on day 1 at BRNC, and also to check that I did it right in the interviews (which evidently I didn't)
  18. I doubt there would be any gain for the MoD, it is just something that I would like to do.

  20. The reason I asked the questions is to try and stop me being a pretentious twat before I actually start.

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