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Hi all,

I have been invited to Sift interview in Portsmouth (for Logistics Supply Officer Trainee) in October. However, the invite didn't have much information on what to expect or advice on how to prepare which I was a little surprised at. Therefore, I've started searching the internet and this forum for some recent memoirs of anyone's experience but haven't found anything particularly recent.

I'm wondering if anyone who has been through the RFA officer Sift recently (even for a different role than LSO), if a) you too did not receive any information/advice on how to prepare or what to expect and b) a description of your experience for example what you were requested to do, any questions you were asked to answer, any tests you had to take and any research you think would have prepared you to be successful at the interview?

I know it can take time and effort to rack your brain to try and remember what must've been a stressful situation but I would be hugely grateful to anyone who can directly help or point me in the direction of where to find out some more?

Thanks in advance

I did my LSO sift interview not so long ago, though the job role you're applying for is slightly different as it's as a trainee and mine wasn't.

Still, my experience was:
First, I was told (during the interview) that one purpose of the interview is to see if the interviewee is capable of passing the interview element of AIB.
Second, I didn't have a great deal of information either.
Third, I spent a while trying to memorise details of ships, operations, locations. That was helpful, but not essential.
Finally, I don't think it would be fair to give you a detailed run down of the questions, except that they were similar to most interview questions "tell me about a time you were challenged at work" type stuff, as well as the typical "why do you want to work for us" routine.

I would say the best preparation would be reading up on the RFA (this forum is handy) and RFA ships (though not essential) as well as the usual practice (either in the bathroom mirror or with a friend) that you would do for any interview.

The sift wasn't really the big test; they've got the AIB for that.

Hope that helps and good luck.
Yes, just completed the first phase of training at BRNC. Off to HMS Raleigh in a few days. Message me if you want more info about the different parts of the process.
The folk in the local AFCO were a great help to me in preparation for the sift. Be honest in your answers.

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Hey guys, I have a proposed start date for brnc Lso trainee in Feb.

After basic training is it straight off to the dmls? Do you know much about the training process before completion ?

Thanks for any help

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