RFA Officer questions

Hey, everyone!

I have a few queries:

1. Would a degree in any subject suffice for the Logistics and Supply Officer (RFA) position?

2. Also, would Level 2 Key Skills in IT/ICT be a recognised equivalent for the GCSE ICT (A*-C) requirement?

3. What is the training for the role after BRNC?

Many thanks!


War Hero
The requirements for LSO are a degree or HND in a logistics/supply/ hotel management/ finance type of subject. I know of one well established RFA LSO who has a degree in naval architecture but I’ve yet to meet one with a degree in transgender studies so
any subject
probably not.
HI training after 10 weeks at BRNC is 9 weeks at Raleigh, 16 weeks at sea / leave, 8 weeks Raleigh, 16 weeks at sea, courses, 16weeks at sea. Approx a 2 year training programme

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