RFA now my only option. Advice please

Hello all.

I have recently been in the process of joining the Royal Navy. I pass my RT and my interview. I have a fair few tattoo's. although all are covered when dressed, today at the AFCO i have to try on the ceremonial jacket they had in the office. unfortunately, the tattoo at the top of my back pock out slightly (about a centimeter high and 4mm wide) and this has now put a bar on me joining the Royal Navy.

I did also apply for the RFA as a SG2 as this was a similar role i was applying for in the RN. I had a email a day after my RT saying i had scored high enough for them and to wait out for a interview if successful, which i'm guessing i'm not as i haven't heard nothing.

My question is, will my RT be valid for future applications (and perhaps the interview?) and will this tattoo issue arise with the RFA. (its not offensive by the way)

Thanks all :)


Lantern Swinger
One of the new comms rates just turned up to Collingwood with millions of tats. He looks like a Russian gangster. It's awesome. You'll be fine as long as you don't have a Swastika tattooed onto your fore head. (Or similar)

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