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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Angbee, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. Hi all

    I will soon be working on RFA Mounts Bay can anyone tell me what the facilities are like on board?

    Accommodation, gym, etc

    Thanks in advance
  2. Took the words right outa my mouth -

    What he sez - stairs - loads of em!
  3. Are they not called ladders ?
  4. I am working for a third party supporting Op Cougar
  5. Is Op Cougar another name for granny trapping at the widows hop?
  6. Not unless I've started batting for the other side
  7. Photo's required ,for the records you understand :)
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  8. I was on there for a few days around Easter time, as with all the Bay class being relatively new, accomodation is good so was the food but I've never really encountered a bad meal on the RFA compared to Royal Navy standards. The gym was well stocked as was the on board shop. I never had a chance to have a drink but all the bar areas looked very nice.
  9. Thanks for the info much appreciated
  10. For Augumentees - you either have a two-man cabin (SR) or a 4-man cabin. Both types are en-suite. The gyms on the Bay Class are very good and generally well-stocked (Looked after by the Ship's WO - Army/RLC). The Ship Bars are much better than RN "Bars"! The standard of food onboard is generally better than RN ship, however the Daily Messing Rate has been cut and I noticed during my last trip, the Chief Cook was struggling to provide the same standard of food.
    Having said that, if there are masses of Augumentees Teams onboard, then don't been surprised if the JR's are bedded down in the Embarked Forces Mess Decks down on 4/5/6 Decks (12 Man Mess Decks). Much like RN Mess Decks onboard however not as tight. This happen on the Cardigan though the ship is the Afloat Support Base for the Gulf and looks after a RN Dive Team, FSU personnel, "Battle Staff" and lost of US Navy personnel.
  11. I'll be running a NAAFI onboard so not sure which accommodation I'll be in but currently in a 10 man tent in afghan so I'm sure it'll be an improvement. Thanks
  12. 24 man messes and they are on 5 deck. 5C is an exception, being a compartment the same size as the others but containing only 9 bunks and designated as an 8 man mess.

    NAAFI manager usually rates as a SR equivalent? EMF SRs/SNCOs cabins are of the 4 or 8 man variety (or thereabouts) and are found on 01dk, 02dk and 03dk.
  13. I think so I'm usually desert based so sea lark's all new to me. Again thanks for info.
  14. I stand corrected - 24 Man Mess Deck. Shows you how often I get down to the EF area's!

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