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I am slightly confused by the RFA medical requirements outline on the Royal Navy website. On some pages it says you just need an ENG1 but on others it says you also need to meet the RN medical requirements?
I was recently made PMU for Naval service (a very upsetting experience after a four year bursary and four years of building up to my dream career) and of course am looking for other options. Does the fact that I was made PMU for the RN automatically bar me from the RFA? If it doesn't, how much more lenient is the RFA medical to the RN one?


I was made PMU for the RN after several years of trying. I've recently had the ENG1 with a company doctor (requested by the RFA) and I passed with 2 year unrestricted.
In my experience they are very different, the ENG1 is more lenient.
Definitely worth a try!
SJC26 - Well that's good to hear :)
Once you've passed the ENG1 do you then have to sit an RN medical as well...it's so unclear on the RN website :(

moodle - Who is this...is she RFA personnel?


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No you just have one ENG1 medical. The RFA may want it carried out by an RN doc though. The RFA has an occupational nurse to advise on medical queries.


No, the only medical I have done is the Eng1 and I start in January. Hearing test, sight test, height, weight etc.
I got confused aswell but it's only the eng1 they follow. He said it's more about climbing a lot of ladders, no pains etc than going into battle!
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