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I was hoping somebody could give me some views on the role of the RFA Medical Technician, I was interested in applying to become one and was hoping some people could give me some information about what the job is really like? I have a had a good look around the website and the general internet but I struggled to find actual experiences from medical technicians. I was hoping some people could give me some tips and just some general advice you might have! What's the training like to become a medical technician? Thanks!
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I currently work for a private ambulance company and also have volunteered for voluntary ambulance services. I was told this would be suitable as it shows I have experience working as a medic.
Yeah blueIain, I found it also very misleading and I thought it looked like you needed to be a doctor, nurse, paramedic etc. But when I contacted the recruitment line for the RFA they said aslong as you have experience in a medical role you can apply, when I explained my role as an event medic they said my role was suitable. Thanks for your reply though!
Well that's good, I would go for it, if you get to interview don't make my mistake, try to say about being a lone practitioner, and how you would cope in the middle of the Atlantic with an unwell patient, with no way of getting back to a port for a few days, I said about medic vac but that's seems to be the wrong answer
Angrydoc do you know what sort of training for RFA Medical technicians do? Is it just like the UK's emergency medical technician course but with some additional training in primary care (i.e. common colds etc). Would you recommend a medical assistant role instead of a med tech?
Yeah, I am not sure at the minute. I just think the medical technician role would suit me the most, so going to apply for it and see what happens. I would just love to hear more information about what their day to day life is like. Thanks and I appreciate you taking your time to reply.


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Google > RFA medical technician<. Therein you'll find a Med Tech talking sbout his job and the recruitment page. They're looking for more than an enhanced first aider.

The recruitment line is not the recruitment office.


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when I contacted the recruitment line for the RFA they said aslong as you have experience in a medical role you can apply, when I explained my role as an event medic they said my role was suitable. Thanks for your reply though!
Possibly some interesting advice from recruiting exJenny? Could the OP be a St. John ambulance cadet or similar?


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I admire the way that 50 of them turn up for an event, get in free, then 48 disappear from view and the remaining two drive around in their ambulance being a pain in the arse
A while ago Mrs MG thought it would be a good idea to join the "First Responders" ... a dedicated buch of people who are called by Ambulance Control to go to certain incidents in rural locations when a front line ambulance is 20+ minutes away ... needless to say I had to go (by royal command) as well ... so tipped up only to find its a joint ambulance / St John initiative :wtf: ... now I haven't got a problem with the training ... Defib and other useful skills all aimed at giving someone a chance untiul the front line crews tipped up! The issue I had was with the tossers that St J deemed competent to turn out ... people that perhaps should have been confined to a wheelchair and a bib to stop the dribbling and not perhaps the best people to throw headlong into what is a stressful situation and who are wholly unprepared to deal with it. Then we get to the monthly meetings when some of these tossers that sit there going on and on about the last time they were called and had to perform brain surgery on some poor unforunate ... think most of them have a Doctorate in B**lsh*t! Was asked to leave (politely) when I had enough and told them they were just bandage wrappers FFS!
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I know one RFA Med Tech who was a POMA in a previous life. There are more. He tells of being relieved ( o'er missus) by a POMA in one particular RFA. An MA's training, qualifications and experience at Leading Hand appears to be the minimum. The RFA does not grow their own.


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I would hope that they do look for better qualifications than regular fete attendance and cup of tea making ability. Whilst a brew is always welcome, I think I'd rather have some serious medical attention if my leg was to get shredded by a parting wire rope mid ogin.


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If my memory serves, There was a chap on here was a registered nurse working in A+E got the knock back.

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Whats the crack with turning down experience? I heard of a qualified cook couldn't get an application form for trainee rating cos he was too qualified? Is it some sort of Government incentive?

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