RFA Medical Technician - IHCD EMT with additional training


I know that the RFA are not currently recruiting for med techs however, I was hoping someone would maybe know whether they would hire IHCD Emergency medical technicians who have additional training in venepuncture/phlebotomy and Venepuncture & IV Cannulation.

I would also be more than happy to go on additional courses to improve my skills to the appropriate level they would be wanting, i.e ECG training etc...

I have years of experience working as a lone medic (and apart of a team) for various organisations and I really would love to pursue a career in the RFA.

I have looked at other forums and also the fact sheet about this career and I see they are wanting HCP paramedics/ registered nurses/doctors or other 'lone practitioners' with experience. I completely understand if they would only be wanting these roles, however I would really love to find out if I could apply for this job in the future.

I have contacted the helpline but I feel like they are slightly unsure, they said it would be okay according to his supervisor but I feel they were not 100% sure...



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