RFA Logistics Supply Officer, specific and general questions

Discussion in 'RFA' started by cornish, Nov 24, 2015.

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  1. Looking to join up as LSO. It states in requirements about having specific qualifications, yes I know I can phone the direct line but it isn't currently open and I was looking to fact check before I made the call if at all possible. Anyway, it states For direct entry, you’ll need a HND or equivalent in Business, Hospitality and Catering or Logistics.

    I have a HND in Computer Technology and AAT level 4 Diploma in Acccounting, anyone know if this will be sufficient?

    Additionally I know the services generally have a minimum term of service, is this applicable to RFA? As I can find absolutely no information regarding this whatsoever. What for example happens if you pass training get assigned then find 3 months on a ship really isn't for you? Or if a year in you find a land based job elsewhere fits your circumstances better or something? Not foreseeing this particularly but I want to have all my bases covered, do have a family to think of.

    Cheers for any input.

  2. Honestly they only answer about qualification I would trust would be from the direct phone line. I know your excited, get some sleep and phone them in the morning.

    As for the terms of service - It might be totally different for officers, but though it was mentioned as I was recruited - I never heard/saw anything about it after that. In my training group we have had three leave, two for medical and one because it wasn't for him - and nothing was said. I have heard similar from different training groups.

    I think they might pull you up if you join ship for a month then demand to leave because your starting a new job, but the seem to be generally understanding about the realities of the job if you give them plenty of notice.

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