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I have had occasional 'migraines' (more likely head aches) maybe 2-3 a month. I take my pain killers and i am fine. My mums a doctor and says they aren't real migraines.

I have never sufferd loss of sight, etc, not often at all sick. Is this likely to be a problem for my ENG1 test? Ive probably blown them out of proportion to my GP in the past, only been to the GP a few times about it, and i know what causes my headaches / migraines. I perhaps have 1 debilitating migraine a year.

Any advice appreciated, ive been advised they wont be an issue and have to see the doc as a matter of precaution..
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Possibly, it's not down to the digression of people on this forum, it'll be down to the Doctor you see during your ENG1. It might also get referred to Occupation health who will make a final decision.
Thanks. The lady i spoke to at the RFA said it shouldnt be a problem. I am just not wanting to have passed the hardest parts and stumble over the simplest!

Fingers crossed. Will of course report back upon hearing.
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