RFA interview

Recently been to my Sift interview and I know how bad the nerves were leading up to it so if anyone needs any info on the process so far just let me know
Hey! Not quite related to Sift, but how long after submitting your application initially did it take for them to contact you?
After I submitted I heard back within a month, can’t remember exactly how long. Then they try book you into the earlier RT available.
You have to set up the online portal on the website so they contact you in there to book an appointment. One you complete your test you find out on the day if you’ve passed. I then heard back from RFA confirming I had been put forward for Sift (where they consider whether I should be invited for interview) they will tell you in an email when the Sift is (example I passed in June, they told me Sift was end of June, had interview this month. Next Sift is October. After interview you wait up to 2 weeks to find out your decision and whether you’re going to receive your provisional offer. (Currently in those two weeks myself ) hope this helps
That's really descriptive and helpful, thank you so much for the information. The two weeks you're currently in sound like they must be kind of horrible with all the waiting. I hope you've passed, and I hope I'm in your position soon!

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