RFA Interview - Leading Hand Supply Chain


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I have an interview with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary in December for Leading Hand, Supply chain. i would be really grateful if someone could give me some advice regarding what I should be researching prior to interview and any useful information/tips.

Thanks in advance.
Hi there,

Good luck with the interview. I've been doing it for a few years and it is quite a demanding and challenging position. As there are far to many aspects to the job, it is impossible to guess what will be asked at the interview. If you have any prior knowledge, I.E you are ex RN in a similar position, I would apply knowledge that you have already gained.

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Thanks Tattsailor. Not ex RN unfortunately so at a bit of a disadvantage there. Would you mind explaining to me a bit about the ranks in Logistics e.g. what ranks are there and in what order?

Thanks again.

You'll start off as a leading hand, in the RB the lowest rank is AB (able bodied) SA, but this rank does bit exist in the RFA. Yet. Then you can go up the ranks to a Petty Officer and then a Chief Petty Officer.

The training course should be this. You'll learn about a programme called MJDI, which stands for Management of the Joint Deployed Inventory, and was designed by the RAF. Unfortunately it is designed to have at least five people or more working on it, as you would have on a standard RN warship. In the RFA we have three people at the most working on it, and it has been noted that it can be stressful.

The other things you may be taught is Forklift training, and the carriage of dangerous goods by road air and sea. The latter us quite intense, but gives a good insight on how dangerous goods shall be transported properly