RFA Hearing requirements - advice needed!


First post and wanted some advice. My son applied for RN but his hearing in left ear was L3 and apparently, this ruled out his plans to join. I was wondering if he would be ok in RFA? He can hear normally and unless there is a very high pitched sound directly in his left ear he is 'normal'.
I do not want to suggest RFA if he will, again, be let down.

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Or get him to give em a call!

For the record the medical for RFA (including hearing test) is called a ENG1.

If you Google it there seems to be a few topics of conversation from people in similar situations.


Just had ENG1 and it's a case of having a pair of headphones and pressing a button when you hear a sound (low and high pitched noises). I presume he could go ahead and have an ENG1 before going through the whole recruitment process for his own piece of mind and self finance it for £80. It's taken me from February to get to this stage so it may be a good idea although occupational health may pick up on things in his medical records.
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