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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Emperor_Aurelius, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Nice to hear that someone has remembered the type 45's and CVF's will need supplies!

    From the propaganda site, but still interesting:

    RN PR website
  2. Isn't it just a modified (and possibly lengthened) Wave?
  3. Yeah it does! Didn't look at the scrawled picture too closely! :)
  4. I'm amazed... only six years after the MARS team was formed, and they've come up with a tentative suggestion for one part of their brief... presumably these'll be to replace the Rovers? That just leaves the Leafs, the Argus and the old Forts to sort then...
  5. I`m sure this has been on before, I think the design is by Hyundi, will check.
  6. Web Page Name

    Sorry forgotten how to do this but it was dated 2007
  7. persona_non_grata, I think you might have mistyped the URL... that link doesn't seem to work.

    Try this one...What Price Navalisation?
  8. The pace of developments from the IPT is largely constrained by those holding the purse strings. Look at how quickly FSC hulls have been hitting the water since the project started in 1998.

    The MARS Fleet Tanker replaces Rovers and Leafs.
  9. Can't use the Koreans!

    What will MoD do when the tankers are delivered ahead of time, under price and 100% to spec?

    Oh the horror!
  10. If they've got any sense, place orders for T45 7-8 with them, with an option on another 4 after that. Sorry, I realise I have committed a heresy and will now be taking myself outside to have a word with myself.

    Seriously though, I'm now with a consultancy that does a lot of defence work and your frustration is shared by most of MOD. One day maybe they'll do the bleedin' obvious and everything will improve. Don't hold your breath though.

  11. Godddammit Man!! Your advocating economies of scale here!!!!

    Heresy! Burn the witch!!!!

  12. Thanks :thumright:
  13. They will have a human crew on board or is that just 'hear-say' as well.
  14. Well, RFA... for a certain value of "human" I suppose... :p

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