RFA Fort George: In Canada Dock, Liverpool. Awaiting disposal :(

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by marmalizer, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. Sorry about the quality of these, I stopped in the car on my way past this morning & took them with my blackberry... Didn't even know it was here!

    IMG00067-20110324-1127.jpg IMG00068-20110324-1128.jpg IMG00073-20110324-1133.jpg IMG00072-20110324-1132.jpg
  2. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    There's another one in the dock in front of Canada Dock - I can see them both from my kitchen window. The other one that's in, I have no idea what she's called and she shows up on ShipAIS as unknown.

    I think RFA Fort George is waiting to go over to Birkenhead to be broken down. It's a bloody disgrace!!
  3. Fort George is not going to be broken down
  4. JagerGirl

    JagerGirl Book Reviewer

    That's good news, thanks. I take it she's still being retired though?
  5. Problem with AOR is the lack of double-hulled bunkers. Not easy to retrofit, or if you use the centre tanks only, very little offload capacity. Great shame given she's only 18 years old.
  6. Guys, I am a security guard on RFA Fort George, I left the RN in August and got working for a security company and my first post was in this ship. In November it was took over to Cammell Lairds, Birkenhead, where the props where taken off and all pistons from the engines where removed. The ship was gutted and the hawks took what they could. It is now back over at Alexandra dock in liverpool where she is waiting to see if she can be sold (slim chance as the asking price is too high, £200 mil) or the most likely is that she will be towed to Turkey, as early as the end of this month Jan, it's a sorry state to be in as I have some memories of RASing with this great big 34000 ton vessel during my 12 years service. I will keep you all informed once her future fate has been decided.
  7. I was the last RN SA onboard her (served on her for 6 months while working for MASF)- I have some photos I'll upload tonight that I took on the day of her decommisioning.
  8. What was the point of that if they are trying to sell her?

    Are they selling as a scrap only with enough bits missing so there no realistic/economic chance to make her sailable again?

    p.s before xmas local tv broadcast from Cammell lairds with a RFA in the background. [ShipAIS reports RFA Wave Ruler in there at the mo... it reports she arrived on the A.M. of the 23rd Dec]
  9. The props are very expensive, they were designed to keep the noise to a minimum as her class was ment to sit in the north sea with the 23's hunting soviet subs. As for the pistons, I'm guessing fort vic needs some new pistons.
  10. Seems weird that they stripped her- when we were onboard we were told not to take anything off as at the time (just prior to easter last year) the MOD was hoping to sell her to the Aussies.
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Unless, as she is in Liverpool, there has been a spark of local free enterprise there.
  12. Was when the Intrepid was scrapped at the same place!!!!!!!! :evil3:
  13. Wave Ruler is in Lairds now for a refit as is fort vic, the fort George is defiantly going as scrap the Aussies will not take her as she is single hull. Over the last week RNR have been on and taking bar stools, chairs, lockers and all other fittings. There is a couple of grot boards with pictures of the ships company (looks like they where taken during parties) seems a shame that no one off the ship took these for memories. All the ships NBCD location marking drawings are all still up in the clear way. To me it's a great shame that a ship that's not even 20 years old has come to an end like this. It also seems ironic that after 12 years service that my first job as a civvy is on another grey ship.
  14. Yes, the Vicky's getting the Georges' gucci stuff retrofitted, like the captains leather chair and the shiney knobs on the helm ;-)

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