RFA eyesight?

Hello, i was made PMU for entry from the Royal Navy for 'double vision' which has been corrected with glasses. I am going to appeal, but just wondering if anybody knows if the RFA eligibility standards are less strict and i may be able to gain entry with them if not as i am interested. thanks.
The RFA eyesight requirements can be found on the "MCA ENG1" medical information. Look it up on google and you'll be able to find lots about it. Alternatively call RFA occupational health, I'm sure someone will be along with a number. The RFA health requirements are much more lax than for the RN, and more open to compromise. For example, I passed the ENG1 and have a provisional RFA contract after being ineligible for any armed forces role (laser surgery with a pre-surgery correction of -9 dioptres).
No problem! Another plus to the ENG 1 that even if you aren't suitable, for example, for lookout duties due to eyesight you can still be given a "restricted" certificate that'll allow you to do other roles.
Good luck then hope it all goes okay! think i might go with an apprenticeship scheme, not sure which yet! i'll probably apply once i have my results back from my appeal!

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