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RFA Engineering Apprentice


Hey guys, im just posting to ask some questions about the RFA Engineering Apprenticeship that I have applied for. I have seen a lot of helpful information on other threads but I am still curious as to the whole process and what stages you go through. From what I have seen the process for this position goes like this(please correct me if im wrong!):
Send application
Sit recruitment test
Interview down at Portsmouth
Formal offer of employment?!

Im not too sure if it is that straight forward and if there is the ENG1 medical or anything else in there, would be great if someone could point me in the right direction :)! Im currently as the stage where I have applied and have received and e-mail stating that they have received my application and have sent it to Jago Rd and that the RFA cell will be in touch as soon as possible with the next step in the process. I presume that the whole process could take a while but do they have all apprentice's start at the same time or just when a person has passed all tests and interviews? Also say for example I have been lucky enough to plough through all tests and interviews, whats next? Initial training at HMS sultan or something? I know this is a nooby question that has been asked a million times but im just unsure of a few things. Thanks!



Hi Liam,

You've pretty much got it spot on already. Your ENG1 and any other vaccinations you need will probably be between the "provisional" and the "formal" offer stage, but the recruitment team will tell you when to get that sorted out.

The recruitment process can take an annoyingly long time, some of us were waiting a whole year before it all started coming together, but what you'll have is they'll group a few people together and start you all off on the same date.

I think there's something like 2 intakes a year so you won't be alone, but you will be waiting for one of those dates.

Initial training for MM2/ eng app will be at HMS Sultan for 16 weeks before you go on a deployment at sea to complete your task book and get qualified.

We're on week 3 of our course down there right now so if you've got any questions I'm sure a few of us will be able to answer mate!



Thanks US!

Just the information I needed! I do have another question regarding the Supplementary Application form. I asks on the form to supply all qualifications including educational qualifications. So does that mean I am meant to send it back along with the form or take it to me if I am lucky enough to get an interview? They should already have my qualifications from when I first applied online.




you are to photocopy your education certificates and print them out and send them back along with the form.
I took the originals and photocopies of mine to the interview and they didn't ask for them.
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