RFA Engineer Apprentice


Hey guys,

I've recently applied for the RFA to become an engineering apprentice. A few things I was curious about.

1: How long does it typically take from applying to joining?

2: Is there an interview? No mention of it on the RFA website http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers/rfa/how-to-join/engineer-apprentice-rfa I find no interview strange.

3: Is there a fitness test I need to pass, similar to the RN. No mention of it on the RFA website.

4: Best ways to prepare for the RT?



Lantern Swinger
Are you really 13? If so any advice now will be out of date before you're eligible. Concentrate at school and join the sea cadets if possible or some other youth organisation. Keep/get fit and do plenty of sport.
If you're old enough to join then search these forums in the search box top right.