RFA ENG1 Mental Health?


I wondered if anybody had encountered a similar situation to mine and could offer a bit more advice than the standard bumpf?

I applied for Chef Apprentice in April last year, heard nothing until last month then received a date for my RT, which was last week.

I survived the Manchester Arena attack in May, I was luckily uninjured but being so close to the blast and what I saw left me a tad shook up, or more precisely, a complete mess for a few months.

However, I was not diagnosed with PTSD or any other condition, took no medication nor did I accept any offers of therapy. But, on my medical record it says "PTSD - Terrorism" and later "Referral Psychological Therapies".

That was written a month after the attack and has no relevance now as I feel I've made a full recovery, I also feel its a bit over the top and worried this will affect my application.
I know all this can be explained during my ENG1 but I wondered how it may affect/delay things?

I'm told, that have to something removed from your medical records you need to demonstrate that it is either written in error or factually incorrect and I'm not sure either applies?

If anyone has had any similar issues with the ENG1 I would be grateful of any knowledge or advice...



Lantern Swinger
Sounds like you have several problems.

If you believe you have not been assessed for PTSD and were never referred for therapy, then you should challenge it, as there is obviously a mistake which needs to be fixed.

If you believe you should have been assessed/received help at the time and are worried that it will affect future employability/health, ask for an assessment (this will also prove/disprove whether you still have any lasting damage from what you saw).

If you are worried about what an ENG1 doctor will think about all this, approach one and have the conversation about what proof they will need to issue you with a full ENG1. You do not need to wait for the RFA to tell you to go and get it and without it you cannot work at sea.