(RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the RFA

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BritishSte, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am 18 years of age, and I am very interested in joining the Royal Fleet Auxillary as a member of the Deck Department, though possibly IT and Communications too.

    I recently finished Sixthform (Of which I did not do as well as my GCSE's). I'm a very "practical" minded person, not academic. My qualifications are as follows:

    10 GCSE's:

    Mathematics >> B
    Science Double Award (2 GCSE's) >> AA
    English >> B
    English Literature >> C
    Business Studies >> C
    Applied ICT Double Award (2 GCSE's) >> BB
    Religious Studies >> B
    Geography >> B

    2 A-Levels:
    Psychology >> D
    Philosophy and Ethics >> C

    Also, if anyone can give me some core insight into what life in the RFA is like, it would be much appreciated. I've looked on the website and the rest of the internet but it doesn't really go into detail on that - atleast not the RFA specifically.. Things like, how long at sea per voyage, The pay after you've trained etc etc.

    If I get and send the application off in the next say, two weeks - how long until I get to the next stage in the recuitment process? And when is the next intake?

    I'm waiting for an application and information pack to come through in the post but to be honest I'm just anxious to get the ball rolling.

    Many thanks,
  2. I would suggest that it's probably because the RFA are civvy sailors and the Royal Navy are military. This website is principally aimed at serving, ex or wanna-be Royal Navy sailors. We do also have a couple of never-have-beens and a few window licking trolls. TOOTP is dedicated to the RFA and their font-of-all-knowledge is 'Junior' who was until very recently one of the RFA recruiting staff. TOOTP is where the RFA experience is and they tend to play with a straight bat, whereas we like to take the piss, in fine naval tradition.

    We tend not to have much interaction with the RFA lads on here and for most of us our only experience of the RFA is being on the opposite end of a RAS line.
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: (RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the

    The RFA forum within Rum Ration was established in response to demand.

    Although Jimmy Green would rather it was otherwise as this is the second time he's tried to stop an RFA thread developing. Jimmy, whatever your beef is with the RFA please deal with it off site. You have no idea how many or how few RFA personnel past or present are on the site lurking or as members.

    British Ste, many of the answers you seek are already in the RFA forum. Someone from the RFA may be along to answer your questions which may have been better placed in the RFA forum.

    Academically, it looks as if you are eligible to apply to join as a cadet. RFA Cadets start at BRNC in June and October / November.
  4. Re: (RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the

    Thanks, with regard to academics though - I have looked on numerous sources and some say I need 180 UCAS points and others say I don't. I myself only have 120, just need to be sure.

  5. Re: (RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the

    Seadog, I'd just like to point out to you and hopefully clear up one or two things.

    Wrong. This website has very little (yet) in the way of popularity for the RFA, TOOTP is far superior. The number of posts and the topics covered on the respective sites might be the little clue that gives it away. Have you actually bothered to look?

    Wrong again Seadog. I have no beef whatsoever with the RFA, the opposite in fact, and there is nothing in what I have written that can suggest otherwise. You're just making a bloody big and incorrect assumption. I do not want to stop the RFA thread developing but because as yet there are very few RFA posters on here I have directed the enquirers to the website which is dedicated to the RFA and has a lot of useful information for potential RFA recruits. I have found it to be very informative and 'Junior' on TOOTP wonderfully mirrors the role Ninja & SM have on here.

    And neither do you. This is just a throwaway statement that can apply to anybody about anything.
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: (RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the

    Jimmy Green wrote
    TOOTP is recruitment centric which, fair enough, suits its current purpose and it is right to refer enquiries there without giving the impression of devaluing RR. Once the TOOTP principals have gone back to sea, then what?

    Your experience of the RFA seems to be at the end of a fuel pipe. Others have experience of the RFA from Navy Command, IPTs, SULTAN (staff and students), RALEIGH (staff and students, COLLINGWOOD,( staff and students), JSCSC (intermediate, advanced and even higher courses), PWOs on warships, AIB, BRNC (staff and students), MOD Main, Fleet Ops, being ship's company, embarked forces, FP, Flag staff, CNR, FOMO, FOST staff, hospital staff...need I go on? Even without RFA posters, there is more than a little knowledge.

    Okay, you're not hostile but please stop giving the impression intentionally or not, that RR has nothing to offer the RFA or its candidates.

    stephen asked
    Look at the link I gave you earlier. It tells you where x UCAS points fit in. The link is the www.rfa.mod.uk website so unless you think one of your other 'numerous sources' is more accurate, look no further.
  7. Re: (RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the

    Exactly so, and I've not suggested otherwise.

    The RFA forum has, up until now, only 9 threads, including the CO's welcome thread. One of the threads asks how many people on here are in the RFA. The answer so far: One, with one ex-RFA. Perhaps if the wealth of experience you allude to above were to come on here and post something useful it might help the forum grow. I might not have any first hand experience or knowledge of the RFA but I know a site where it can be found. That information has got to be more useful to someone rather than waiting around for an answer that's not going to come from that big group of people you've mentioned.

    Seadog, whether deliberately or not I cannot say, you seem to misinterpret my motive for directing people to TOOTP. Those posting on here enquiring about the RFA are seeking information about the RFA that is not yet available on RR but almost certainly has already been covered on TOOTP. Because I know that the resource is available with good information I see nothing wrong in directing people to it, it does not mean that I aim to devalue this website.

    So glad you were able to concede that I am not hostile to the RFA. My posts should have been obvious to you that I am not. On RR I post a mixture of piss-taking and serious comments. None of my posts re the RFA were piss-taking.

    Overall I think your own hostility towards me is not because I have been hostile towards the RFA, and you have now conceded that I haven't, but because I am directing people away from this site. You don't need to get all upset about that, TOOTP is not a direct competitor to RR but a site that caters to a slightly different demographic. You yourself don't appear to have a great deal of knowledge about the RFA otherwise you wouldn't have just posted a link to a PDF on the RN website in response to BritishSte's request for information. Incidently, I do recall a few complaints on TOOTP about the lack of information about the RFA that the RN careers website provides.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: (RFA) Eligible for Deck Officer? And questions about the

    RFA members of RR are allowed to post throughout the forum as appropriate, same as the RNR and RM etc can post throughout. The traffic on the RFA forum doesn't tell us anything about branch stats.

    It's not a question that has necessarily been read and it most certainly doesn't require an answer.

    There is nothing wrong with directing queries to TOOTP. I'm pointing out that RR is not an RFA free zone and there is no need to discourage enquiries here. It looks hostile, even if it isn't. Anyway, all the questions Stephen asked can be answered on the official RFA site if he'd look.

    QARNNS hasn't got its own forum yet.

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