RFA Deck Rating SG1B/SG1At Interview

Hi everybody, I have just signed up. I have been sifting through threads and doing searches to try find answers to my questions but I've decided to just go ahead and start my own thread.

I have an interview next Thursday for a Deck Rating SG1At. I'm very excited and have been trying to prepare myself as best as I can, but I just wanted to know if anybody here has been interviewed for the same role and could give me any advice for the interview?

I imagine they will ask me questions on what I know about the RFA, why I want to join, my experience etc, but should I expect any competency based questions as well?

Thanks for any help in advance!


War Hero
...but should I expect any competency based questions as well?

Seriously? You are applying- in a field of lots- to join the RFA as a qualified rating and you wonder if your competence will be tested?

Do not fret. Knowing the names of ships is more important than knowing how to avoid losing your legs when berthing a ship.

Yes, your competence will be tested. If it isn't, you should turn any offer they make, down.
Sorry, I suppose what I meant was "What sort of competency based questions could I expect?" - I would certainly be surprised if they didn't probe my knowledge even a little.