RFA deck cadet

What's the current situation Re deck cadets with the RFA.
What martime college do they go to?
What's the current cadet salary and do they gave to pay for anything at college eg food and accommodation?
What's the selection like and how long does it normally take?
What the entry requirements for the foundation degree?
Many thanks


Lantern Swinger
Your best bet would be to talk to them first on the phone, then after finding out all you can and such to come on here afterwards. That's what I did (though I've applied to be a steward, so I can't help you with your cadet question myself).


Lantern Swinger
Then there's no change otherwise it would have been updated more recently. You could just give recruitment a call and ask them yourself? The number is 0345 604 0520.
Don't know about RFA deck cadet but he may make a magnificent RN occifer, he has already started getting everyone else to run around after him......Wipe yer arse for you sir!
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