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Long time lurker, first time poster. I am wondering if someone would be able to tell me how flexible the RFA sift interview dates are? I rang the office in Portsmouth and didn't really get an answer to my question. Simply put, getting time off work is very difficult and having a few potential dates to present my boss with would be useful.

Presuming I were to be successful at this stage, I have the same concerns regarding attendance at AIB.
I am a full time student so had to fit my sift and AIB around lectures and exams. The recruiting officer was very understanding that education is my no.1 priority ATM so was happy to have a day in which I had less lectures for my sift interview. As for my AIB, I managed to delay that by about 3 months until after I had finished my exams which again she was fine with. The board president even asked how my exams went. I think so long as you are polite and have a good excuse, they are willing be flexible and work to your timetable.
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