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I saw Brambleleaf leaving Portsmouth this afternoon, presumably for the last time. She has been sitting in the Dockyard for a while but does anybody know what the future holds? I imagine she is to be broken up somewhere. Its always a bit sad to see a ship on its final voyage.
From the house of common in 2007

Departments: Property
Dr. Julian Lewis: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence whether (a) RFA Oakleaf, (b) RFA Brambleleaf and (c) RFA Fort Victoria are to be disposed of before the end of 2007. [138334]

Mr. Ingram [holding answer 24 May 2007]: Current plans are to dispose of RFA Oakleaf and RFA Brambleleaf before the end of 2007, and to dispose of RFA Fort Victoria in 2019.

Brambleleaf, another memory destined for the knackers yard.

She was our RFA on our Falklands patrol. Had her after flag staff removed to allow us to vertrep to her.


Lantern Swinger
If my vague memory serves me right, she's off to Denmark. An even more vague memory recalls a conversation about her going to Holland after that.
It's Belgium, the van Heyghens yard that scrapped Fearless & Rame Head. Can't be much left in 3 basin now, Invinvible, Grey Rover, Oakleaf & the two Castles, plus Sir Percivale at SMC.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks for the replies and information - much appreciated. There is an article in the Portsmouth News today about her going to Belgium with a picture of her being towed out past the Round Tower.
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